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Date 10.11.2017 8 AM - 10.11.2017 4 PM
Title Augmentation procedures of soft and hard Tissue, predictable in daily practice
Course no D1708
City / State København V
Country Denmark
Language English
Audience national


As much as 50% of all implant treatments require some augmentation of bone or tissue – in the aesthetic zone even more than 50%. At the same time one of the most challenging procedures in implantologi is the predictable and safe regeneration of bone and soft tissue defects. Depending on the defect´s shape, careful selection from different graft materials and techniques should be aimed to achieve the best regeneration outcome. After a theoretical part discussing advantages and disadvantages of different augmentation techniques, a practical part is offered to experience handling properties of both hard and soft tissue botiss biomaterials.


Dentists with minimum some experience of straight forward implant treatments that would like to get more in-depth knowledge about different augmentations techniques and materials.


A one day course with one theoretical part and one practical hands-on exercise on pig jaws.


Hard tissue:

• bone defect classifications.

• biology of bone healing.

• horizontal augmentation.

• vertical augmentation.

• bone splitting autogenous bone grafting.

• shell technique.

• bone graft materials.

• membrane materials.

• guided bone regeneration.

• internal and external sinus lift procedures.

• graft stabilization.

• incision techniques.

Soft tissue:

• soft tissue management.

• soft tissue harvesting.

• connective tissue grafting.

• keratinized tissue grafting.

• punch technique.

• recession coverage.

• soft tissue thickening.

• vestibuloplasty

Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel Rothamel
Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf
Target group Dentists
Product segments Others
Level* Advanced
Status Open
Tuition 3.900,- DKK inkl. moms
Participants 20
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Tivoli Hotel
Arni Magnussons Gade 2
København V

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*SAC Classification
Straight Forward Level Advanced Level Complex Level
Surgery – adequate bone volume, placement of 2 implants in the mandible, treatment of large tooth gaps and single-tooth replacement where esthetics are not a factor Surgery – placement of 4 or more implants in the mandible, single tooth replacement in the esthetic zone, with or without simultaneous bone augmentation (GBR) Surgery – comprehensive gap treatment in esthetically complex regions with simultaneous augmentation (GBR), implantation procedure for fixed reconstructions in the edentulous maxilla, immediate implantation, all two-stage augmentation techniques
Prosthetics – treatment of the mandible with bar prostheses or stud-retained prostheses, gap treatment and single tooth replacement where esthetics are not a factor Prosthetics – fixed prostheses in the edentulous mandible supported by 4 or more implants, partially removable prostheses in the edentulous mandible, single tooth replacement in the esthetic zone, bar prostheses in the edentulous maxilla Prosthetics – comprehensive gap treatment and single tooth replacement in esthetically complex regions, fixed prostheses in the edentulous maxilla, immediate placement of implants