Straumann® Patient Pro

The plus for your business

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Straumann® Patient Pro is a holistic marketing solution that supports current trends in how a patient seeks information. It provides you with the right tools and patient marketing material for your dental practice, website and social media channels. Patient concerns are addressed which in turn helps you to guide them towards making the right decision.
Patients  and customers only want the best, and when a patient's needs are truly met, they will go on to become great advocates of your practice and Straumann premium solutions.  

An introductory tour of Straumann® Patient Pro

Patient Pro for IDS 2015

You can download images, illustrations, movies and much more …

  • Digital content includes text, illustrations, and videos - ideal for your website and email marketing activities
  • Tailor-made episodes for integration into your social media communication
  • Template presentation for your ‘Open House’ patient events
  • Patient-friendly brochures for use in your practice and during consultations

Interested in learning more about Straumann® Patient Pro?

Contact your local Straumann representative. There are also further details to be found in  STARGET issue (1/2015 on p.58-63).
We also have our own Straumann® patient information website which you can link to from your own.