Tissue regeneration

Many adults, not only older patients, suffer from periodontitis. Read more about the importance of keeping your teeth and surrounding tissues healthy.

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Preventing loose teeth

Usually, healthy teeth are firmly anchored and do not come loose. To keep your periodontium healthy and intact, good dental hygiene is an important prerequisite. Removing plaque regularly and thoroughly is thus important to prevent your teeth from coming loose. 

Potential causes

If plaque is not regularly and thoroughly removed, bacteria may colonize the jaw, destroy tissues and may finally cause diseases of the periodontium (periodontitis). Left untreated, the disease may, in the worst case, result in tooth loss.

Early warning signs

Many adults suffer from periodontitis during their lives, many without initially knowing it. Swollen, reddened or bleeding gums may be the first signs of an early stage of periodontitis. If you are noticing anything unusual, seek an individual consultation with your dentist.